Bompy’s World, A Comedy-Comic

This is Anton Theodore Rex.

While not a member of Bompy’s World, he will be helping me to learn the program that I am using to bring Bompy and his other friends in the comic to life. Click here to sign up for my newsletter to receive updates on the evolution of A. T. Rex as he too comes to life.

Meanwhile, in Bompy’s World, the phantom pooper has struck again. This time, they were caught in the act, doing their dirty business behind the admission tent. Though this was an extremely egregious act, for Bompy and his friends, this was just another day working at the aquarium. Legend tells that the aquarium is the center of the universe, which is why it attracts an unusually high number of odd characters to its gates. From the employees who work there to the fish in the tanks trying to stage revolutions for their escapes, this is Bompy’s World.

The production of Bompy’s World will be accessible to Patrons to S. Faxon’s page on Patreon. Be sure to check out the link to see how YOU can help support this project as well as to receive exclusive access to the behind the scenes of this comedy-comic.

-S. Faxon