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What Horror Stories Reveal Cheers, Dears!

Join author Robert Mitchell Evans and me as we chat about his short stories and how dreams influence his works. For more on Robert, check out his website: more insights on this podcast, our future guests, and where you can submit your questions, check out these links:* My Website:* TikTok @s_faxon* Facebook S Faxon Author* Instagram @s_faxonIf you really enjoyed this and you'd like to buy me a coffee or a book, check out how you can do just that over on and sound effects from Story Blocks.
  1. What Horror Stories Reveal
  2. Books that Stayed With Us
  3. Real Life Time Travelers
  4. Paranormal Tales, Romance, and Mr. Sparklebutt
  5. To a Land of Adventure, Tradition, and Family

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