Book Launch.jpgBy the time S. Faxon graduated from high school, she had completed writing four novels. Her imagination truly took flight in college. She completed writing five full-length original novels while receiving her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees at St. John’s University over a period of four years. After graduating, Sarah taught a course on the Politics of Ethnic Neighborhoods in New York City as an adjunct professor at her Alma Mater. While teaching, Sarah was an administrator in a human rights advocacy nonprofit at Columbia University, where she assisted in regional-political, social development programs in countries around the world. Sarah currently works full time as an administrator at an internationally acclaimed museum in her hometown, San Diego. 

In conjunction with her professional career, Sarah has continued to write. Her fantasy-action stories take place within the same fictional world and mostly occur within a period of twenty years. Minor characters in some of her stories appear as main characters in others. Sarah believes that, like in real life, everyone is connected and has a unique story worth telling. Sarah’s greatest desire is that her words provide her readers an escape from their daily grinds of nine to five.

Sarah’s first published novel,  The Animal Court, is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format. The sequel to The Animal Court, Foreign & Domestic Affairs, has just been released in paperback and e-book format.

In her writing career, she has completed fourteen fantasy novels and has seven more in the works, but the expanse of her creative horizons has been growing in recent years. Sarah is now developing a graphic novel series separate from the world of her fantasy novels and is also dabbling in a historical fiction that takes place in the age of steam.

Sarah is a current member of the San Diego Writers & Editors Guild. 

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