Comfort and Joy

Every now and then life has a way of bringing moments of sorrow to our path. These life events leave us hurt, confused, sometimes even lost. This was one of those weeks for me. My friends and I experienced some intensely sad and unexpected losses, leaving us heart broken by these major life changes. There … More Comfort and Joy


Happy Thanksgiving to one and to all! Today is the day when we gather with friends, families, loved ones and strangers to express our gratitude for the blessings in our life. We’ll eat like kings, we’ll tell tales, and celebrate the traditions carried by our loved ones before us. It’s a special day that reminds … More Thanksgiving

The Third Room

September 28, 2016 Things were getting desperate. After that night where I slept on the couch, my best friend Victoria was scheduled to come over and hang out before we went out to dinner. As I stood at the kitchen sink, looking over the sleepy street before me, I knew, without doubt or solid evidence, … More The Third Room

Witching Hour

September 14, 2016 In the process of trying to hunt down the sound that had shattered my first night in the new house, my friend Jason made the comment that as long as nothing happened this following night at midnight, I would be fine. Having seen more haunted, paranormal shows than is probably healthy in … More Witching Hour